Defensive Tactics Training Academy  
Course Outline
20 Hour Basic Unarmed Security Course Outline
.25 Hr. Course Introduction

2.5 Hrs. The law regarding arrest and search and seizure as it applies to private security

2.5 Hrs. Civil and criminal liability for acts related to private security

2.5 Hrs. The use of force, including but not limited to the use of non-lethal force (i.e., disabling spray, baton, stun gun or similar weapon)

2.0 Hrs. Arrest and control techniques/Search Tactics and Handcuffing

3.0 Hrs. The offenses under the Criminal Code of 1961 that are directly related to the protection of persons and property

1.0 Hr. The law on private security forces and on reporting to law enforcement agencies

1.0 Hr. Fire prevention, fire equipment, and fire safety

2.0 Hrs. The procedures for service of process and for report writing

2.0 Hrs. Civil rights and public relations

1.25 Hr. Test, 60 minutes. / Score / Dismissal
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