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Courses and Schedule

The Defensive Tactics Training Academy, Inc. is Certified and Approved by the Illinois State Police to provide Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Training and Certification as per The Firearm Concealed Carry Act 430 ILCS 66/1 et. seq.
Defensive Tactics Training Academy is one of Illinois’ elite Firearm Training Facilities. Call now to schedule an appointment to register for our 16 Hour Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certification Course.

We offer 16Hr/ 12Hr/ 8Hr and 3Hr Re-Qualifications for ILCCF Training Certification. Day and Evening Class Schedules are as follows:
Monday, Tuesday and Fridays ................. 9am to 5pm
Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays ............. 6pm to 10pm
Live Fire Range time schedules vary based on Range Availabilty.
Additional training schedule times are available by appointment.

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DTTA Training Location
16709 S. Torrence Avenue
Lansing, IL. 60438


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