Meet The Instructors

  Michael E. Jackson
Mike Shotgun

Sensei Jackson is a lifelong resident of the City of Chicago and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management in 1984 from Morris Brown College of Atlanta, Ga. He is an entrepreneur, founder and Head Instructor of the Defensive Tactics Training Academy, Inc. He is also an ISP/IDFPR and NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor, with experience as an Investigator, in Security and Personal Protection. A Black Belt in VSK Jiujitsu, certified by the United Schools of Survival under the leadership of G.M. Anthony Muhammad. Sensei Jackson first developed his passion for martial arts in 1971. In 1999 he found true happiness in martial arts training when he discovered the dynamic reality based martial art of VSK Jiujitsu taught by Grand Master Anthony Muhammad . As a student of VSK Jiujitsu and G.M. Anthony Muhammad, Sensei Jackson was fortunate to train with other martial arts greats such as the late great Dr. Moses Powell, Soke Lil John Davis, G.M. Bill McCloud, G.M. Phil Chenique, and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez to name just a few. Sensei Jackson has provided Self Defense Instruction for the CPS after school programs at Roswell B. Mason Community Schools ; The Helen Hefferan School; as well as The Anton Dvorak Math, Science and Technology Academy. Sensei Jackson adheres to the VSK Jiujitsu Dojo Creed: “As we walk, we walk in peace, and fear will not prevail. We are not the aggressors, but if we are attacked… We fight with those who fight with us, and if we must fight, we fight to the death.” (By death we mean that spiritual death of the attackers will to continue their aggression).
Valentin Rivera
Instructor Valentin Rivera is a lifelong Chicagoan. He has a Law Enforcement and Security background that spans more than two (2) decades. An NRA Certified Firearm instructor for Law Enforcement, Instructor Rivera is also an Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) Certified Firearm Instructor as well as an Illinois State Police Approved Firearm Instructor for Illinois Concealed Carry Certification. Instructor Rivera has demonstrated bravery and courage under fire as a Law Enforcement Officer as well as a thorough knowledge of gun craft and firearm safety as a Firearm Instructor and has a manner of Instruction that adds enjoyment for those he’s trained.
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