Defensive Tactics Training Academy  
DTTA Client Testimonials

“Want to give a HUGE shoutout to my man Michael Jackson. Not only did he give me the training for my conceal and carry license, he also helped out when the Illinois State Police was trying to give me the run around (over a year)! Let's just say I carry everyday now! AWESOME GUY! I highly recommend Defensive Tactics Training Academy!!#thanks.”
Brian N.

“Covered everything from basic topics to more difficult questions.”
Eric S.

“The Trainer was exceptional. You can tell he was very knowledgeable in what he was presenting.”
Joseph M.

“This is a great course. I will definitely recommend to others. Makes you feel relaxed and confident in your abilities. The course material was not overwhelming. Presented in such a way you get it quickly. Instructor is relaxed, which makes you relaxed. Makes you feel confident in the skills you have learned.”
Sean J.

“Very good experience.”
Dwight F.

“Very professional, well mannered, overall outstanding. I certainly will recommend Mr. Jackson. The course was great. Mr. Jackson you did an outstanding job working with your students. Keep doing well. And let the progress continue.”
Gina W.

“My experience was exceptional! Nothing needs to be changed. All the info was well taught.”
Charles W.

“Very informative. I learned a lot. I am now very comfortable with my weapon.”
Ericka J.

“Displayed knowledge on how to properly use a firearm and how to protect yourself & those you care about.”
Lance E.

“Mr. Jackson is extremely knowledgeable. I have taken a CCW class before and didn’t learn nearly what I learned in this class. Explanations were very good and questions were answered thoroughly.”
Dionne H.

“The course was great!!! I like that the door is always open for additional information. Great class!!! Keep it up.”
Andrew A.

“The Instructor provided life situations to explain what we would face in real life. Everything was done well.”
David K.

“I have already began bragging about this course to family & friends. Very organized.”
Arthur M.

“I appreciate the flexibility of the instructor and the informational videos and knowledge gained. I really enjoyed myself.”
Gerald J.