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The Defensive Tactics Training Academy, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Michael E. Jackson, Sr. after recognizing a need for the broad implementation of better training regimen for Security Professionals. Mr. Jackson, Sr. became inspired to utilize his background as an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor for Law Enforcement as well as a martial arts student of Grand Master Anthony Muhammad and VSK Jiujitsu to develop first and foremost a system of “Tactical Defensive Solutions for Aggressive Problems,” whether involving armed or unarmed tactics. After focusing on providing training to Security Professionals, The Defensive Tactics Training Academy, Inc. is excited to have the opportunity to serve the average Law Abiding Citizen seeking to learn Firearm Safety and proper use in Conceal Carry. DTTA, Inc. is committed to continue to provide excellence and unparallel Firearm training in long gun and handgun; Basic, Intermediate & Advance Defensive Tactics Training as well as Concealed Carry Weapons Training Certifications.

Yours In Safety,
Michael E. Jackson, Sr.
Director/Head Instructor D.T.T.A., Inc.

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